About Us

Siya is a mobility service provider (MSP) that seeks to provide smart energy and mobility solutions to people living in urban areas. Africa is currently experiencing the most rapid urbanisation in human history, with estimates of the population set to double by 2050. As such, Siya aims to directly impact the future development of African urban areas and to be driver in the transition to more sustainable means of energy generation, use and storage.


Siya Mobilities aims to deliver sustainable micro-mobility transport and energy solutions to people living in African urban areas. We provide smart mobility ridesharing solutions using green technologies such as Light Utility Vehicles and use renewable energy to charge the vehicles while incentivizing community members to actively engage with the vehicles.


To be the leading sustainable transport and energy service provider in Africa while being the catalyst to a sustainable energy transition that will power the future growth of African urban areas.


Radical transparency.
Idea meritocracy.
First principles logic.

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Launchlab, Stellenbosch,
Western Cape
South Africa

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Tumelo Malebo / Liam Grey
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